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Handle Specifications

Persson’s handles can be made in a variety of sizes and colors including printed logotypes or messages.


We have decades of experience working within the packaging industry so we understand material strength and manufacturing processes. We design the handle making so it suits the package materials, design, weight and product. Our insight makes us able to provide you with a complete solution for the design of the handle, manufacturing of the handle as well as applying the handle to your packages.

We can provide you with handles with a specific color that ties in with your branded message and your package design. We can also print your logo or your tagline onto the handle to suit your corporate brand strategy and overall marketing efforts. You want the handle to give your customer a good impression of your brand and your products, and you want the handle to look like an integrated part of your package and branding. We provide you with complete support and services every step of the way to make this happen.

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