Working from home contributes to strong sales performance

During the summer, Persson Innovation saw an increase in the sales of handles due to an upswing in the consumption of household goods. The large sales increase was due to strong demand in the markets for detergents and pet products, such as cat litter. The increase in consumption of these products is connected to the fact that more people are now working from home during the corona pandemic. These product areas are where Persson Innovation is a leading supplier of packaging handles.

Thanks to the strong sales performance, Persson Innovation has been able to support customers in these challenging times. For Persson Innovation, strong sales mean that the company has been able to retain and hire extra staff, in order to keep up with customer demand.

”Our close relationship with our customers has meant that even during the pandemic, we have been able to match their development and thus also deliver in line with their needs,” says Persson Innovation’s Nancy Woodrich, Director of Sales for North America.

Persson Innovation believes that the increase in sales volume is not a temporary increase but one that will continue with strong sales into the coming quarter.

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