Persson Re-think LAB: Thinking Outside The Shoe Box

In a world where sustainable packaging serves a functional role, Persson Innovation and Morrisette Packaging embarked on a collaborative journey to redefine the classic shoe box. This “Re-think LAB”-case dives into the innovative partnership that led to the creation of a unique and versatile packaging solution – a way to think outside the shoe box, as it were.

Morrisette Packaging, the leader in creative packaging solutions, was contacted by Persson Innovation, known for its pioneering paper handles, who sought the possibility to expand its creative footprint beyond traditional applications. The project led by Persson Innovation’s Matthew Cassano, Key Account Manager, envisioned a collaboration that would showcase their handles in a brand-new spotlight—integrated seamlessly into Morrisette’s in-house converting and custom printed packaging.

Thoughts During the Process

Josh Ezell, Designer, Melissa Payne, Director of Packaging Design and Kristopher Vermillion, Marketing Director at Morrisette Packaging elaborated on the brainstorming phase, where the goal was to bridge Persson’s handle capabilities with Morrisette’s design expertise. Morrisette took Persson’s vision from design to delivery and embraced the challenge of transforming a shoe box into a conversation starter. The team envisioned a design that not only housed shoes but also sparked curiosity and engagement.

– We aimed to create more than just a shoe box. We built a multifunctional package that elevates the customer experience and tells a story. This design begins a conversation about the handles while highlighting the innovative design capabilities that we have at Morrisette Packaging, says Josh Ezell, Packaging Designer at Morrisette Packaging.

– And it’s not just a collaboration aimed to showcase what we both do well in the packaging space. The fact that a shoe box can be something more than just a shoe box — is something we wanted to communicate with this package. Persson Innovation is more than a company who makes handles. We’re a company who re-thinks the function and the value of a carrying handle. We are incredibly thankful for what Josh Ezell and Morrisette Packaging have created, says Matthew Cassano, Key Account Manager at Persson Innovation.

End-user applications

Persson’s re-thinking of handle design onto other sustainable product designs, not only addresses the needs of companies requiring smaller batch sizes but also prioritizes end-user applications and creative possibilities. By introducing the Stick-A-Grip handle, which can be ordered in smaller quantities and applied without specialized machinery, Persson enables businesses to customize packaging experiences based on consumer preferences. This approach aligns with a vision to create sustainable packaging solutions that go beyond functional expectations, offering opportunities for transformative storytelling and interactive consumer engagement post-purchase.

– It begins with the end user application, so whatever we end up on or wherever this takes us, there’s a lot of opportunity here. Morrisette built a really great prototype here in the service of leveraging both of our unique capabilities as converters. I’m excited to see the potential iterations this package takes on. So far, it’s been a fun and meaningful collaboration. One that I know is just beginning, says Matthew Cassano.

Persson Innovation’s commitment to innovation

The shoe box project exemplifies the power of thinking outside the box—literally. It challenged preconceptions about packaging and demonstrated how collaborative design can transform everyday objects into memorable experiences. The collaboration between Persson Innovation and Morrisette Packaging underscores at the same time the importance of creative partnerships in the packaging industry. By combining their respective strengths and embracing innovation, they not only created a shoe box but also opened doors to new possibilities in design and functionality.

Would you like to learn more about Persson Innovation’s creation of the shoe box or their Stick-A-Grip handle? Feel free to reach out to Persson Innovation:

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