It’s time to re-think packaging. Think SoftGrip!

What we have realized after 40 years’ experience in the business is that when it comes to product packaging, what’s on the outside can be just as important as what’s on the inside. Essentially, an effective packaging solution sets out to safeguard a product and at the same time facilitate an effective consumer interaction. For example, ensuring that consumers can access the product but also more importantly, that they can effectively grip and carry the item.

Persson wants its passion for handles to make a big difference to customer experience

A changing buying experience

Customers have over the last few years shifted their buying behavior for example buying larger volumes and shopping less frequently or have moved their shopping online as the market for “buy & collect” and home delivery have grown. All of which means the requirements for packaging are changing as buyers’ habits evolve.

Also, brand owners are looking to use packaging to enhance and differentiate their product. Tapping into the demand for sustainable packaging materials or adapting existing packaging to improve the overall product experience.

Putting customer experience first

What we have heard from our customers is that they are continuing to look at ways to reduce the number of product returns. And by doing this they keep their customers happy, satisfied, and loyal. All the prerequisites to support a premium price point that protects profit margins, enhances product differentiation, and allows brands to compete on features not just price.

As a global manufacturer of handles, we never forget that for our converter and FMCG partners, packaging is often the first interaction a consumer has with a product.

Research and development for handle design

Successful brands learn to focus product design on the needs of their target market. So, for example, approaching design from an ergonomic perspective. Not just the aesthetics but looking at form and function and a design that improves the overall end-user experience i.e., “let them feel the difference”.

An innovative and ergonomic approach to packaging design can be used to differentiate a product against the competition, make it stand out on the shelves, easier to carry for consumers and add a premium touch.

From years of on-the-job experience of talking with customers, doing research, and having discussions at trade fairs we have accumulated real-life feedback and experiences that provide valuable insights into the design of our handles.

We now think it is the right time to add to our product range a new paper handle that ticks the box for sustainable packaging materials, is ergonomic and adds a premium feel to any product.

The Persson mantra of “Re-think packaging” also now extends to the care we take with our new comfort product line, SoftGrip.

By focusing on the tactile strength and comfort of our SoftGrip handles we have really developed handle ergonomics to a new level of “Re-think packaging. Think premium.”

Our new ergonomic handle addresses several questions:

  • Does it improve comfort when lifting or holding an item? Yes.
  • Is it an appropriate size and shape to fit the hand? Yes.
  • Does it add a feeling of quality and premium value when used? Yes.

SoftGrip product innovation

Keep ahead of the competition with the SoftGrip ergonomic design. Product innovation helps CPGs for example to win shelf space, boost customer satisfaction and capture sales growth.

Our mission has always been to work together with our clients, partners, and network to be one step ahead. As a global company with strong local roots, we are lucky to have a dedicated team of professionals, who take on everything from paper handle designs and production to ensuring we keep on top of our sustainability commitments.

Persson’s extensive global experience puts us in a strong position to develop a paper handle proposition for converters and FMCGs to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our paper handles add value to the packaging experience because they are:

  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Versatile
  • Strong and can manage heavy lifting

This is SoftGrip

What are you waiting for? Make SoftGrip your first and the natural choice!


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