Persson Innovation sponsors a young, rising Go-Kart talent

Persson Innovation has a strong commitment to supporting its local community, especially when it comes to developing younger talent. That is why it is a matter of course for Persson Innovation to sponsor eleven-year-old Melvin Kalousdian from Örebro, Sweden. Melvin is a promising go-kart driver who has collected medals not just at home in Sweden but has also competed at the world finals in Italy, when he was only ten years old.

Melvin Kalousdian in his Go-Kart.

When Melvin was seven years old, he began his go-karting career in the so called Cadetti class in races where everyone’s a winner. Despite this, Melvin was always trying to be first to the finish line during all his runs. In 2019, he stepped up to the Micro class resulting in several medals, including two gold medals.

In 2020, Melvin competed in the South Swedish Championship as well as the Junior Festival, the Swedish Cup, the Prince Carl-Philips Racing Pokal and the Gothenburg Grand Prix. When the season was over, Melvin had won almost all his races. In 2021, he then became champion in the Mid-Swedish Kart racing series and the IAME series. The Champions title and the gold medals earned him a place in the world finals in Italy.

– Persson Innovation is proud to support young promising talent who invest everything to achieve their goals and follow their dreams. Especially since it takes hard work combined with studying, training, and competitions. Therefore, it feels extra important to provide this young talent with the financial support they need to help them excel in their chosen sports, says Andreas Carlson, Director of Global Sales, at Persson Innovation.

Melvin have kept his success with several titles. In 2022, he won the Swedish Championship in the mini60 class. Despite all the success in races, Melvin also sets several track records in Kalmar, Södertälje, Järfälla and Örebro.

We wish Melvin the best of luck in the futures races and competitions!


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