Persson Innovation’s Educational Tour: Promoting Sustainable Packaging Solutions at Leading Universities

In the beginning of November 2023, John Lee, Sales Manager in the US and South Korea, and Andreas Carlson, Director of Global Sales, embarked on a significant journey across two prominent universities in the United States - North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina.

John, representing Persson Innovation, shared insights into their mission and experiences during this educational tour aimed at fostering awareness about sustainable packaging among the next generation of packaging innovators.

“For us as an innovative company, it is important to know and understand new trends in both design and materials. Visiting universities and discussing these matters with students and professors is a good way to achieve just that. It’s also a great way for us to spread awareness of Persson products to the next generation of packaging innovators.”

Creative tasks lead to innovative ideas

During the visits, the students were challenged to devise a brand and product optimized by integrating a Persson handle into its packaging. With access to Eco-, Soft-, and Heavy-grip handles, they had 20 minutes to justify their handle choice and its impact on the product. Judges reviewed proposals and awarded Charlotte Sutherland from NCSU and Sarah Jane Lynskey from Clemson for their innovative ideas and practical use of Persson handles, highlighting the handles’ adaptability across diverse product ranges.




  • Artificial Christmas Trees, made by Sarah Jane Lynskey, Clemson University

“People typically use the same artificial Christmas tree year over, and store it in the box it was originally purchased in. Implementing Heavy Grip would be a value add as it makes transporting the tree home from story and to store more ergonomic.”



  • Tide Detergent, made by Charlotte Sutherland, NCSU:

“Liquid detergent is something we all use (hopefully). Being able to switch to sustainable packaging including a Soft Grip handle for customer comfort, would be a huge step. Plus Persson handles are already used on tide dry detergent.”

Congratulations to both of them!


All reviews after the visit were positive, and the students enjoyed the learning experience. Many of the students were also interested in job opportunities. Persson will continue their relationship with the two universities, and there are further plans to continue these tours with other universities as well. John sees the potential in continuing with the visits.

“First of all, we get to learn a lot from the students. It also gives us a chance to meet the students at their home ground and introduce our company and products. It allows for natural discussions and questions that we will inevitably face during customer meetings. Education is the best alternative for handle application designs!”



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