Re-think packaging. Think smart. Think Stick-A-Grip.

As a company, we are always looking at how we can make a positive impact on the packaging supply chain. Driven by a dedicated team of packaging experts and with 40+ years of manufacturing experience, innovation will always be at our core.

This is the smart choice. This is Stick-A-Grip.

Consumers continue to change their buying behavior, a shift that has not gone unnoticed by brand owners, product managers and converters as the requirements for product packaging evolves.

Re-thinking packaging to meet these changes in customer demand and the ups and downs of global market conditions, needs a smart, transformational solution.

Where Stick-A-Grip meets DIY

Sustainability and practicality all rolled into one, Stick-A-Grip is a sustainable, paper handle that is applied directly to the packaging manually.

Pressure-sensitive so it is simple to apply with fiber-based materials that are environmentally friendly. It’s a whole new way of putting a handle on your packaging, that does not require an applicator machine and can be ordered in smaller batches.

How to Stick a grip:

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be boring.

Offering a recyclable paper handle solution that will improve product packaging, enhance the shopping experience, contain costs, and can be applied manually is unique and will help your product stand out.

Putting the customer experience first

An effective packaging solution sets out to enable a customer to carry your product safely and comfortably, while at the same time elevating the consumers experience with your brand.

Brand owners have seen how packaging can enhance and differentiate their product. Tapping into the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging materials, Stick-A-Grip contains costs but not at the expense of the environment.

As a global manufacturer of handles, we understand that our role is to provide an added value service to our customers, who apply handles to enhance end-customer experience, to protect and grow their business.

Research & Development for handle design

With 40+ years of on-the-job experience, talking with customers and undertaking in-depth R & D, we use these valuable insights in the design and product development for all of our handles.

So, for example, we approached Stick-A-Grip not just from an aesthetics point of view, but looking at form and function, a solution that could be applied manually to packaging and ordered in smaller batches.

Stick-A-Grip product innovation

Product innovation helps CPGs for example to win shelf space, boost customer satisfaction and nurture sales growth.

Persson’s extensive global experience puts us in a strong position to develop a paper handle proposition for converters and brand owners to stay one step ahead of the competition, whilst maintaining sustainability commitments.

This is the smart choice. This is Stick-A-Grip. Check it out, order your free sample online today or book a call back and we can tell you more about the Stick-A-Grip.

Re-think Packaging. And transform the customer experience.

Think Sustainability. Think Innovation. Think Stick-A-Grip!


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