The sweet taste of Summer!

Even though it is snowy and cold outside, we are thinking of sunshine and blue skies because we are enjoying the spoils of the Persson honeybees and their hard work over the summer.

Honey that we harvested because of our bees pollinating the neighboring meadow and its beautiful wildflowers. Honeybees are an essential link in our ecosystem and food chain as they are natural pollinators of our flowering crops.

Thankfully, we were able to collect the surplus honey from the bees as they have now retreated into the hive to form a winter cluster to keep warm over the winter months.


The survival of the hive depends on how sufficiently the bee population has prepared for the cold months ahead. To survive and keep warm, the honeybee swarm must have a robust population of winter-ready bees, honey as a food source, and a secure hive.

Honey tasting … drum roll

Honey can come in many colors and flavors with as many different honeys as there are species of flowers. The color of honey is usually determined by the type of flowers visited by the bees. In general, light-coloured honey is milder and sweeter, while darker honey has a stronger taste.

Fresh from the jar we can confirm not too runny a consistency, golden in color with a wonderful taste that brings back happy summertime memories 😊!

Lucky for us honey doesn’t tend to spoil or go off over time. It’s okay to store it at room temperature and there is no need to refrigerate it, unless of course you like honey with a thicker consistency. Most raw honeys will crystallize over time; cooler temperatures can help speed this process up.

Think sustainability!

We will keep you up to date with our honeybees’ progress and our work in terms of sustainability as we continue to focus on the environment. Thinking of sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be varying shades of dullness. It can be a world full of fun and inspiration. So, now might be a good time for you to re-think your packaging options.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our bees please let us know, and if you want to talk about handles and sustainability make a beeline for our focus on Re-think packaging. Think sustainability.


Andreas Carlsson
Director of Global Sales

Contact Andreas to learn more.


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