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Our durable and sustainable paper handles are better for the environment, comfy to grip and upgrade the customer packaging experience.

Our durable and sustainable paper handles are better for the environment, comfy to grip and upgrade the customer packaging experience.

It’s time to re-think packaging. Think Stick-A-Grip.

Sustainability and practicality all rolled into one, a sustainable paper handle that is applied manually to packaging and can be ordered in smaller batches.

Think smart. Check out our re-think packaging video below!

Collections for different needs

What type of handle is the right one for your product? You will find sustainable, comfortable and durable handles within our collections, making your product experience even better. We ensure your product stands out, enhancing your brand with a stylish Persson Innovation handle. Choose the right handle for your product from one of our collections.





High quality, contemporary, and durable paper handles

Persson paper handles are a well-regarded, sustainable product. A strong and versatile handle that can be customized to match your brand’s colors and logotype. Printed with a sales message on the handle or leave it blank, you decide. We make sure your product stands out, matching your brand with a stylish Persson handle.
When you select Persson handles you chose a handle that makes a difference. For your customer, your business and the environment.

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Handle applicator for the packaging industry

Our handle applicator machine is designed to be easily integrated into your existing folder/gluer production line without disrupting production.
The applicator installation process is quick and easy, ensuring a smooth integration, with comprehensive staff training and our technical service team on standby if support is needed.
An operator focused and durable applicator machine, built by Persson with 40 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the packaging industry.

Easy installation and reliability

A key component in being able to provide a global handle solution, the Persson Handle Applicator installs seamlessly into your existing folder gluer, without interfering with existing machinery or parts.

The promise we make converters is that the applicator machine combined with our handles will improve CPG products, enhance the end-consumer experience and facilitate a customer’s recyclability commitments.



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